Your website, in a week. 😲

You focus on the product, we’ll build you a crisp website and
a couple of awesome landing pages, all within a week. Saving you time, resources and increasing your conversion rate.

Who, why and how?


It’s simple really..

So, you’re a maker, a coder, a programmer - maybe you’re
an ideas guy. You’ve spent a metric fuck ton of time building
a truely awesome product and maybe even a website.

But... πŸ€”

You're running out of time

Time, time, time. You have deadlines, timeframes and goals but your running short on days. Enter Codigon, your time-saving digital super heroes.

Your website isn't converting

We see it every day, you're definitely not alone. Your product is pristine, it's the epitome of your lifes achievements, but the people just don't get it.

You're too busy shipping

You're on a quest to achieve shipping enlightenment. You're buried so deep in your product that you just don't have the resources to get your web launched.

You're struggling with design

That old chestnut. Hands down, your the best at what you do, but designing for conversions whilst keeping brand and user experience in mind - it's tricky.

How do we do it?


With very little sleep

Everybody starts somewhere and nobody hits the perfect note. We lessen the burden of having to build a whole web presence by completely integrating ourselves into your own team, and producing a modern, conversion-focused web experience.


Day 1 Planning & wireframes.

We’ll have a chat about your goals, branding and direction before sending over some sketches and building a couple wireframes.


Day 2 Colours, brand & mockups.

Your branding and message should flow through your web presence seamlessly, we'll build a color wheel and put a branding book together with some preliminary mockups.


Day 3 Designs, user-flow & sign-off.

Using your new shiny color scheme and branding, we'll handcraft the perfect designs, optimized for conversions with a user-flow that promotes your goals.


Days 4-7 Coding & optimizing.

We'll spend 3 days coding your website and landing pages. We're proud of our coding, it's mobile-friendly and optimized for organic search results.


Day 8 Launch day, training & single malt.

Ah, relief. It's launch day and we're going to jump on a call with single malt, and maybe a swift cigar. We'll provide any training you need and can add all your copy.

Can you really put a price on this?


Simple, transparent pricing.

Yes, we know - It's exactly what you need. Think of us as your very own remote team for the week. We don't like the idea of hourly rates and 'pension schemes' damn schemes.. So we bundled this together for a set price, to keep life simple.


Completely custom website design, coded and deployed.


Two awesome landing pages, A/B test ready.


Desktop and mobile friendly.


Optimized for organic search and conversions.


Exclusive branding, buttons and icons.


One project at a time, we're your team.

Let's have a chat.


You can share your project with us, bounce ideas off us, talk gaming or just tell us about the latest movie you saw. Whatever it might be, let's have a chat. Schedule a meeting today.