Resources for startups. 🚀

Here's a list of tools, guides and resources aimed at helping early stage startups and founders with launching, growing and running a startup or small buiness. We've used these for years.

Research & Market

Two Weeks to Startup: Day 2. Research Your Business Idea

Just a good read, if you've got little experience with startup market research, or just general industry research, then I'd make this my first stop.

Google Trends

You've probably used this before, I'd do a quick Google on how to use it properly to segment markets and look through the past couple years of search volume for particular sectors.


An easy to use tool for collecting feedback and researching your target market - you may find that you'll already need to have locked in on a market, and have to use this to validate said market.


Ah CrunchBase, the data-centric's corner of the world. I'm a huge fan of theirs, it's simple to use and you can easily find a whole load of information, already segmented by market niche.


Minimum Viable Product

Not a great deal to say here, DustHQ is doing some interesting things in way of time-frame conscious MVP development, but I've not seen any of their works as of yet.

I'll be honest, if you're looking for MVP development and your budget is dipping below the $1000 mark, you should check out some of the freelancer marketplaces, it's definitely possible.

If you're looking to build a Minimum Viable Product from the ground up with infrastructure for the future, scalability and all that jazz - you'll want to hire a more sustainable option - an agency or remote team. Check out a directory of vetted and reviewed developers and agencies.

Update - Check out some of these people, they are personal recommendations.

Ryan Waggoner -

Dan Mall -

Matt Olpinski -

Landing Pages

Carrd has gotten a ton of love from Product Hunt since launch - It enables you to crank out completely free one-page landing pages for just about anything using their little site builder. It's simple to use, it's fast and it's well designed.


Unbounce is one of my favorites, it's not the cheapest on the list but it's really easy to use, has a ton of pre-built templates and quite an extensive developer community along with a marketplace for buying premium templates (with a huge selection).


LeadPages has been a major player all across the startup scene for the past few years, they've churned out some really awesome guides, I've only used them once for a side project - I did find the easy to use but the premium templates weren't as extensive as their competition. They also have email-collecting built in and integrate with drip, MailChimp and a bunch of others.


Email Collection & Marketing


Solid lead capture, available via a JS snippet you just pop into your code, has the exit-intent technology - it's pretty fully featured all round, to be honest. Has a WordPress email subscriber and subscribe popup plugins.


The best WordPress subscriber plugin solution, by ElegantThemes, I love ET, Everything about the is so customer-focused you just can't fault them. Bloom is highly polished and stays away from the standard pop-up in your face alerts, which again, I'm a fan of.


So you're set up to collect emails for leads, but now you need to send out emails. From newsletters to automated responses, drip fed emails to 7-day email courses - Mailchimp is your...chimp? They're definitely right at the top of their game and support email templates and more.


Drip is a solid system, it also has a free to use side, they allow you to send out a limited amount of emails. They support premium email templates and have a well-supported marketplace and developer community.


I've had the awesome pleasure of meeting Kev, the creator, and co-founder of StampReady - their system is sleek and intuitive, it's simple to use and boasts a wide range of templates from the everyday update to full-on campaign settings. Full documented, well supported.


MailShake is a little different to the other tools here, it's for cold outreach. It's the product of Sujan Patel and the successor of - Helping you reach out to leads with tried and tested templates, A/B emailing and email tracking.


Pre Launch

15 Pre-launch Growth Hacking Strategies For Startups

A solid read for prelaunch strategy, it's laid out like a checklist making it easier to follow - from Steve McKeown, co-founder of Gleam.


WishPond serves up a good all-round tool for prelaunch campaigns, including running contests, setting up your coming soon page and a variety of other tasks.


Geared heavily towards helping you prelaunch a startup through contests, I've used KickoffLab a couple of times for small side projects of my own, and always been pleased with them.


Growth Reads

The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Kevan Lee

Social Media Tactics Every Small Business Should Be Using

Rebekah Radice

Taking a New Site from 0 – 15k Organic Visits in 30 Days

Ryan Stewart

How We Increased Our Traffic by 12,024% with Zero Advertising

Alex Turnbull

How We Grew Traffic to 16,000 in 4.5 months on $52/month

Devesh Khanal

11 Formulas and Strategies to Write Irresistible Ad Headlines

Pawel Grabowski


Search Engine Optimization

You should refer to when it comes to finding competent SEOs, but here are some places that give awesome advice, tutorials, updates, and guides on search engine optimization.

Search Engine Journal
Moz Blog
Search Engine Land

Starting Your Blog

You'll be using WordPress 9 out of 10 times, here's a WordPress Quickstart for Startups and Founders if you're looking for a well-rounded guide. Here's a couple of links to notable WordPress alternatives and theme marketplaces.



From managing your business to setting up a C-Corp in Delaware, these three places will get you going quickly for as little as $99, prices may have dropped/risen since.

Stripe Atlas

Who to follow

No, we're not doing this. I'll tell you what this is - it's a way for people to chunk out a piece of useless content purely for the purposes of tweeting to those people saying "hey guy, I linked to your name, share my article please".

What we'll do instead, is keep a couple of names down here that are "currently trending". They're hip wit' the kids. Links go to their respective twitters.

Ben Tossell @bentossell

Ben Tossell is a serial entrepreneur, and current Partner at theupstarters, founder of tribeproject and communitykit.

Colin Kroll @ckb

Vine co-founder and serial entrepreneur, recently launched HQ, a live trivia game show app getting mad love on product hunt.

Daniel Singer @danielsinger

Abit of a rogue to this list really, Daniel Singer is the founder of app startup Panda, and he's got some interesting stuff to say.


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