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LetsSail is an innovative startup, trying to make getting paid on time, easier. They are in the early BETA stages of their product and already validated their idea.

Our Challenge

If you're a freelancer or digital professional, you'll know all about the difficulties endured in getting paid on time. Sail is a shiny new startup, still in early BETA - that's looking to change the way freelancers get paid.

Now, Sail already has a solid backend, with an awesome development team in place, their product works well and I've used it myself since launch - the problem is, it was difficult to use. The user experience was lackluster and having a negative effect from beta sign-ups to organic search results.

Their Goals

I sat down with Stuart from LetsSail and we spoke about the difficulties of landing pages, they are too informative, not informative enough, not enough white space and, and.. - 2 hours later.

The key takeaways from our chat; Increase beta signups, Increase retention, Higher positioning in search results.

We discussed the key areas of the lead funnel, and ran a test over the week just using google analytics tracking, following leads through the funnel and seeing where the holes were. 79% of traffic doesn't make it past the landing page and only 3% of the remaining 21% - get's through to a Beta Signup.

Then we moved on to the product itself, we want to increase the retention of users, keep them active and well, sending invoices - by altering the user experience and how they interact with the interface (how they actually send invoices - the easier it is, the more likely they are to continue doing it).

Solving The User Experience

Taking a users experience of a product into account can be difficult when building from the backend - It's not a logical, straight-cut fix, it's never a linear change and evolves as the user does.

So we look at the user, a freelancer who has probably spent the past month sending emails and responding to project postings, they've just completed a project, they're proud as punch. Now they're going to invoice their client - 9 years ago, my first invoice was a .txt file attached to an email - it took me about 40 mins to format a .txt file.

We're going to liven up the dashboard interface, run the color scheme through the whole product - but that doesn't alter the experience, so we'll also give users the ability to send a "quick" invoice. A hyper-minimal, fast loading and real-time invoice with their client name, price, description - send.

Plugging Up Holes In The Funnel

Imagine you're baking a cake - no, imagine your bottling a 25-year single malt scotch, now imagine the funnel your using to pour, is bleeding out all over the floor. That's waste, you can't scoop it back up.

So we used our google analytics tracking to monitor each step in the funnel and then ran some console tests, looking into the page load speeds and compiling the data.

From here we're able to see exactly where our holes our and with some clever A/B testing and the use of Meteor.js to rebuild a real-time super-fast onboarding stage, we can increase the overall BETA signups by 47%.

What We've Acheived

During the 9 weeks we worked with Sail, we spent a couple of weeks identifying the problems through real data and putting together some design concepts for our solutions.

We had an optimized landing page live and deployed by our third week and after re-touching the products interface and running our new colors through, we were on our seventh week, collecting data and measuring the results on the funnel.

We spent a further two weeks with Sail, monitoring the data and tracking the funnel stages again, we made some small tweaks to the code structure and built an awesome WordPress theme to launch their blog.

We increased their BETA signups by 47%, garnered a 71% increase in search engine traffic specifically from Google and over two-thirds of new BETA signups have sent more than one invoice - a 100% increase on the previous third of BETA users.

Their blog is now read by over 70,000 freelancers and digital professionals each month.

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